Dangerous DIY Appliance Repairs.

Attempting your own appliance repairs to save money could end up costing you dearly.  Just because you can look up a repair online doesn't mean you should tackle it.  Here are some appliances you should never attempt to fix yourself.

Microwave oven.

You should absolutely call an appliance repair service if your microwave is malfunctioning.  Even though this is one of the smallest appliances in your home, it's also one of the most lethal.  Frankly, the only part of a microwave you can safely handle and replace is the glass tray.

Your microwave stores thousands of volts of electricity in its capacitor.  This little part can administer a lethal electrical shock.  It absolutely must be discharged properly before any repair can be undertaken.  Many people are under the mistaken belief that unplugging the microwave will do the trick.  It won't.  Watching a video to learn how to discharge the capacitor is also a very bad idea, especially if you have no training.  Don't risk your safety.

Gas appliances.

Most homes have several appliances that run on gas.  Two of the most common are ovens and hot water heaters.  Repairing or changing these appliances involves cutting off the gas supply and hooking it back up.  That may seem simple enough.  However, if not done properly, it could result in carbon monoxide poisoning.  This endangers and can kill you and your entire household.

Unless you are a licensed appliance repair technician who is familiar with gas appliances, there is never any reason for you or a loved one to take on this job.

Clothes dryer.

Dryers cause thousands of fires every year.  In 2010 they (and to a much lesser extent, washers) were responsible for over 16,000 house fires.  

The largest potential danger in trying to repair a dryer yourself is in the electrical current.  The electricity in a dryer can injure or kill whoever is working on it.  Even removing the power source can be complicated.  Circuit breakers need to be turned off and the proper cords unplugged.  

If you're unfamiliar with the machine itself, any sharp edges or moving parts can injure you as well.

Trying to repair an appliance yourself can aggravate the problem, leading to more expensive repairs.  More importantly, it can put you, or the person attempting the repair, in serious danger.  It's always much safer and less costly to call an appliance repair service, such as DBH Appliance Repair, to start with.