5 Crafts that Will Get Your Kids Excited About Gardening

Getting children excited about gardening doesn't have to be a chore. Instead, find some fun crafts and activities to do together that will make playing with flowers some of your favorite memories. Your child will love to do these fun crafts, while learning all about gardening  without even knowing it. Here are some great ideas to get a kid started in gardening.

1. Terra cotta chalkboard pots. Using chalkboard paint from any craft store, paint over terra cotta pots and fill them with your favorite flower arrangements. Let your child use chalk to write out what bulbs you use in your arrangements.

2. Dye flowers. It is easy to create your own rainbow of flower colors. Just buy white flowers, then when you get home clip the stems and put them in jars with different colors of dye. The flowers will soak up the dye and turn spectacular hues. They can then arrange them how they please, and make a unique bouquet that will really stick out in their memory.  

3. Paint and plant. Purchase new coffee mugs and paint them using acrylic paint. After the paint dries, plant tulips in your mug, and you now have a perfect shelf-sized flower arrangement with a personal painting from your mini-Picaso.

4. Throw them a garden party. Invite a few of your child's friends to a brunch and gardening party. Buy an assortment of plants and containers, through providers like Fasan Florist and show them the basics, and see what unique combination every guest comes up with.

5. Fairy garden. Let your kids experience the magical side of gardening by helping them create their very own fairy garden. These can be planted in pots, planters boxes, barrels, or right in your very garden.

Decorate a bird house for a "fairy" house, and add mini plants to keep everything in scale. Moss is a great choice, as is a baby tea tree or miniature shrubs. Add pebbles for a path, and a small cup for a pond. You can even paint rocks to look like mushrooms. Miniature furniture finishes the magic, and your child can play and water the garden in the day and imagine all the fairies that will play with it at night.  

By getting creative with your gardening, you can entice your children into culturing their very own green thumbs while playing. These activities are perfect for beginning gardeners, and are a sure way to create wonderful memories and beautiful garden creations.