Easier Ways To Pack For Moving

The thought of moving to a new home may be fun, exciting, stressful or a combination of these, but it is rarely ever easy. Safely packing up everything you own before the movers show up can seem overwhelming, and finding what you need once they unload your boxes can be a nightmare.

Eliminate some of your anxiety by planning how, what and where to pack your belongings room by room. When you know some simple yet highly effective tips, you can not only save time and effort, but also make it easier to unpack in your new home.


Let your possessions do double duty. Wrap breakable kitchen items such as dishes, glassware and bake ware in in towels, clothing and even clean socks. Slip covered plates into boxes vertically, much like books on a shelf, to help prevent breaking. Pack and clearly label one or two boxes with the kitchen items you'll need right away, such as place settings for your entire family, the toaster and the coffee maker.


Invest in a few wardrobe boxes, which are tall, upright cartons with built-in rails, so you can leave clothing on hangers for faster packing and unpacking as well as fewer wrinkles. Stuff pillows, sheets and blankets into over-sized, clear plastic trash bags so that you can easily identify each family member's bedding.


Pack an overnight bag for each member of the family with essential toiletries and a change of clothes. Chances are good you will be too exhausted to dig for what you need your first night in your new home. Seal liquids, such as shampoo, medicine and cleaning supplies in large zip-top baggies to prevent leaks and spills.

Living Room

Label cords for electronics with masking tape and marker so you know which cable is for which device. Mark corresponding cords and ports with colored tape or labels so you can quickly set up your television, DVD player and other devices once you unpack. Wrap picture frames, knickknacks and other fragile items in old newspaper and magazine pages to protect them.

Miscellaneous Items

Use larger household essentials, such as clothing hampers, baskets and suitcases to carry books, pet supplies or pantry items. Seal opened boxes of food and cleaning supplies with clear tape to prevent messes. Contact a local charity to come when you finish packing and take away the items you no longer want.

If it still seems like more than you can tackle, your moving company may also provide professional packing services. If you want to know more or have other questions, contact a company such as Wheaton World Wide Moving with your questions and concerns.