Three Things To Consider When Choosing Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been used for thousands of years in many different cultures.  They were used to ward off evil spirits, keep birds away from gardens, or for relaxation and energy flow.  Nowadays, most people use wind chimes to bring a certain look, sound or musical tone to their backyard.  The choices can be overwhelming.

Here are three things to consider and look for when choosing classic wind chimes for sale:

3. Artistic appeal

One of the things to consider is how the chimes actually look.  You want the chimes to match your decor and theme of your garden or home.  Classic wind chime styles include metal or wooden rods, bells, shells, stone and pottery in various shapes.  Some wind chimes have bright colors, while others are more muted. 

2. Musical appeal

Most people will think of musical sounds when they think of wind chimes.  Choosing one for sound depends on what you are looking for.  For example, if you want a softer, quieter, more natural sound, then choosing wood or bamboo might be your best choice.  For a more musical sound, different metals might be better.  Other materials such as stone or shells may make a different type of sound.  When considering the music appeal, look at the following:

  • The number of strands indicates the amount of variation in sounds
  • The length of the strands determines the tones with shorter, thinner strands having higher pitched tones and longer, thicker strands having deeper tones
  • The size of the sail (the object at the bottom that moves the chimes) determines how strong the wind has to be to move it

1. Placement

Consider the area where you will place your chimes.  If you are using them for Feng Shui, this can be very important as the wrong type of chimes in the wrong place can affect energy flow.  Placing them near bird feeders will, most likely, scare birds.  Be sure to place them where breezes tend to be gentle enough to encourage the musical sounds of your chimes.  Strong winds not only ruin the purpose of the wind chimes, but can damage them as well.  Placing them indoors is also an option.

Wind chimes can enhance your home and garden as well as bring a sense of well being.  When buying, be sure to listen to the sound the chimes make before purchasing.  Many store websites have sound samples for the types of chimes they sell.  Make sure you choose carefully for long-lasting enjoyment of your chimes.