Top 3 Popular Fish You Shouldn't Include In Your First Fish Tank

Are you thinking about getting a freshwater fish tank in your home from a store like Neptune's Tropical Fish? If so, there are many things that you will need to consider to ensure that you are going to be successful at learning how to take care of the fish and the tank. Keeping the tank in a healthy state is important for keeping your fish healthy and living a long time. You also want to be sure that you know what types of fish need certain items included in the tank to keep them happy, as well as what type of food they need and how much. There are some fish that require more time and care than others, as well. Here are some of the top popular fish that you shouldn't include in your first tank:

  1. Catfish: When you first start and set up a fish tank in your home, this is called a start-up cycle. Catfish are really sensitive to this start-up cycle because there are many toxins that run through the tank at this point. Over time, these toxins are going to leave the tank and become much more subtle. These toxins are simply released just because everything is brand new, such as the tank, the filters, and all the rocks and other decor that is included. So be sure that you wait a while before including catfish in your tank.
  2. Goldfish: Goldfish produce a heavy amount of waste, which means you will be cleaning the tank much more often than you would without goldfish in it. Before adding goldfish, you should consider learning more about keeping tanks clean to ensure that you are going to be able to do it more thoroughly and more often when you have goldfish. On top of this, since goldfish produce a heavy amount of waste, it can affect the health of other fish around it, which is why goldfish should only be in a tank with other goldfish. So, when you first start out having a tank in your home, you may want to leave out goldfish so that you can experience dealing with a variety of different fish first.
  3. Live Bearing Fish: Live bearing fish require a heavy amount of attention. Not only do these fish require salt water in their tank, but they also are susceptible to a number of diseases that you need to work hard at avoiding by giving the tank special care. Keeping the tank free of certain things is going to ensure that the live bearing fish are living in the best conditions. With all this special attention required, you may not want to include them in your first tank until you have gained more experience.

Avoiding these three fish in your first fish tank will ensure that you have a better first experience with easier fish to deal with. Once you gain more experience, then you may understand whether or not you can provide the special attention needed for these three popular fish choices.