How To Make A Small Retreat In Your Yard

Have you ever wanted to have a spot where you could escape, but the daily activities that you need to do prohibit you from doing so? If you need to take a mini vacation and are not able to travel from the area, you may want to consider having somewhere in your own yard where you can meditate and relax when needed. You can make a retreat area easily with a little landscaping and bargain hunting for furniture.

Mapping Out Your Plan

First, take a look at your yard and decide how much space you would like allotted to this endeavor. Measure the area so that you have an idea of the size of the area you wish to fill. This will help when you go shopping for furniture.

Start With The Ground Work

You will want to have a spot where there are not any sticks or overgrown brush so start by cleaning up the ground for your area. If there are weeds, you will need to pull them. Mow the lawn so the grass is short where you will be working. You will want to plant some flowers strategically around the area you are using. They will spruce up your area and can be used as a perimeter, along with some gravel or mulch. Place these things all along the perimeter of your area so you can showcase it when it has been completed.

Finding The Furniture

You will then need to start looking for things that you want in the middle of your area, such as a bench or small table and chairs. These things can be found at flea markets or yard sales for a very cheap price. Place your finds in one corner of your area. Next, purchase or make a hammock that you can place in another part of your retreat. You can make a hammock if you have some small trees nearby that you can tie it to. Hammocks are also sold in home goods stores.


You can decorate further by buying waterproof pillows to throw on the hammock. A small bird bath or an intricate statue would look great in the middle of your retreat. Place some flowerpots with small plants near your table and chair or bench to give even more visual pleasure. The area should be filled with things that you love so that they will calm you when you step into your retreat to relax.

For assistance in planning your retreat, you can contact a local landscaping company, like Oliver's Landscaping & Garden Service, LLC. They will help you plan and implement the new use of the space so that you don't have the stress of taking care of it all by yourself.