Why Your Dining Room May Be The Most Important Room Of Your Home

Does your dining room look bland and boring? If so, it's probably one of many outdated dining rooms in homes across the country. Dining rooms are easy to neglect. More meals are consumed on the run as families juggle work, school, and sports activities. However, some studies suggest a return to sit-down meals may have positive effects on the health and well-being of your family.

Healthier meals

Meals prepared at home are more likely to be healthier than takeout meals and fast food. Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can help prevent childhood obesity and other health problems related to a diet high in fat and sugar. You're also more aware of what you're eating when you sit down at the table. Meals consumed in front of the TV or in the car between sporting activities are eaten quickly and without much thought. Food eaten mindlessly is less satisfying and may lead to unhealthy snacking choices later in the evening.

Family bonding

Sitting down for a meal with your loved ones is the perfect time to catch up on the events of the day. In fact, it may be one of the few times families actually interact with one another. Have you ever heard someone say they lived with a person but never really knew them? Have you ever experienced feeling as if your family was too busy to care about your life?

Everyone likes to feel cared about. It's a basic human need to feel like you matter to someone and that your life and what you do is important. Getting to know your family on a more intimate level has multiple benefits. It helps you develop a deeper bond with them. They feel like you truly care about them when you ask what happened at work or school each day.

Less influence by peer pressure

When children look forward to spending time with their family around the dinner table, they may feel less pressured by peers to indulge in alcohol or drugs. When your kids know they have your support when troubling issues arise, they will be less likely to go to their friends for answers to their problems. Taking time to enjoy a meal around the table gives them a chance to open up to you about what's bothering them. Healthy families stick together, and children learn from an early age whether they can count on you or not.

Maybe it's time to give your dining room the attention it deserves. Why not spruce it up with a makeover? Paint tired and dreary walls with a splash of color. Donate the old table and chairs to a family in need or take them to a flea market. You can make it a family project and let the kids help. Plan a shopping trip to purchase new dining room furniture at outlets such as Vandenberg Furniture. A warm and inviting dining area will entice you and your loved ones to return to sharing meals together on a more regular basis. Think of it as a wise investment in the future of your family.