Do You Know Where Your Property Is? 4 Instances When You Should Have A Land Survey

Do you need a land survey? If you own or about to purchase a piece of land, the answer is a resounding yes. A land survey is a way to find out exactly where your property is on a map, how to locate flood zones on your land, and where county-owned trees or other structures are. Here are some instances in which you should definitely have a land survey:

When You Purchase Land

Before you finalize a land purchase, it is a good idea to have a land surveyor come out and take a look at the boundaries for you. This is not often a requirement of the sale, but it is a great way to know where the actual property lines are. It is also a way to make sure that you are actually getting the amount of acreage you are paying for. If you are buying a substantial plot of land, you don't want to be misled into getting less land than you have purchased.

When You Sell Land

You also may want to have a surveyor come out when you are selling land. A surveyors report will provide potential buyers with a great deal of information about the land and its property lines. This will also show buyers that you are a trusted and honest seller since you have saved them a step of having the property checked. Some buyers may still insist on having their personal surveyor come out to survey the land. By having your report, you can easily compare with their surveyor to see which is more accurate.

When You Want to Build

If you want to build a home or other construction, it is ideal to take a look at the boundaries of the land. Many cities or counties will require this step, but it is still a good idea even if it is not required. If you are unsure about your exact boundaries, you could end up building onto someone else's property. That is a very costly mistake and you should take every step to avoid doing so.

When You Have a Conflict with another Property Owner

If you have neighbors nearby, you may encounter times when the property lines are disputed. If you have a neighbor that lives especially close to where your property line ends, these disputes can become even touchier. A land survey will put those conflicts to rest very quickly. You will know with confidence where everyone's property ends and begins, therefore settling whatever conflicts there are about the property lines.

Having your land surveyed by a company like Krause & Gantzer is a great way to have a little extra protection whenever you want to do any projects on your property. Be sure to use a reputable surveyor who specializes in residential land surveying. Also, make sure you always have several copies of your survey in a safe place in your home.