Three Reasons Why You Want To Trade Your Old Sewing Machine For A New One

Sewing machines have come a long way from the single needle and foot treadle type your great-grandmother used when she was young. Sewing machines in the seventies and eighties were already programmable, allowing you to do so many more types of stitches than just a straightforward stitch. Even now, new sewing machines do so much that the machines from twenty to thirty years ago are obsolete. Here are three reasons you really should consider trading in your old sewing machine for a brand new one.

Full Scale Embroidery Shop

Some people still prefer to do basic embroidery by hand. However, modern sewing machines do more than basic embroidery. They can do three-dimensional embroidery effects as well as stitch over the top of pre-existing embroidery and stitches. With the additional software on computerized sewing machines, you have an entire professional embroidery shop at your fingertips.

Advanced Personal Creativity

You can upload new software, apps and personal designs into your sewing machine's computer, allowing you more personal creativity than ever before. You can pre-program your sewing machine to perform a certain number of stitches and a specific kind of stitch and then have your machine switch over to another kind of stitch for "x" number of stitches. Really all you have to do is hold onto your cloth and turn it while the machine works automatically to create what you asked it to.

Start and Stop Sewing at Your Fingertips

While you can still buy and use sewing machines that require a "manual" foot pedal to sew, modern machines have start and stop trigger buttons at your fingertips. This is especially helpful for sewers who tend to have a lead foot and overpress the power pedal, creating excess stitches where they are not wanted or needed. Timing may still be an issue with the start and stop buttons, but with a little practice on the new machine, you can easily predict when you need to press the stop button.

Purchasing a New Machine and Discounts for Trading Up

Most craft and hobby stores sell the latest models of sewing machines. Their floor models you can test out and see which ones interest you the most. Sewing machine stores take your purchasing and budget needs in mind, occasionally offering a discount on a new machine when you trade in your old one and/or offering a financing plan for the particularly expensive, high end models. For more information, contact a company like The Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore.