3 Tips For Choosing Long-Lasting Wood Flooring For Your Basement

The basement area of your home is the perfect area to create your own retreat or add an additional bedroom. Wood flooring may be the ideal flooring choice for your basement because of how versatile it is. However, it is important to make sure that the wood flooring you purchase will last long. Luckily, there are a few tips that will help you choose the right long-lasting wood flooring for your basement space.

Choose Wood Flooring that Is Waterproof

If you live in a climate that experiences a lot of rain, it is important to make sure that most things in your home are waterproof. This includes your wood flooring. During the rainy season, water has the potential to seep in from windows, the roof, sewer system and other areas of your home. Waterproof wood flooring is coated with epoxy paint. This paint acts as a sealant that prevents moisture from damaging the wood. Waterproof wood flooring also has the ability to hold up to smaller liquid spills from beverages and food.

Choose Wood Flooring Based Its Durability

Not all wood flooring are created equal. Some wood materials are more aesthetically pleasing but are not as durable. For example, oak and maple are commonly used flooring materials because of how well they last. They can withstand a number of activities that are normally damaging to other materials. On the other hand, mahogany is not as durable as oak and maple, but it is much more aesthetically pleasing. If you want to get the most out of your basement space it is best to choose a wood flooring material that will withstand years of wear and tear.

Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

While natural hardwood is durable and beautiful to look at, it is not as moisture resistant as engineered hardwood flooring is. Engineered wood flooring has the ability to endure high humidity and reduce moisture levels. As a result, this leads to fewer issues with mold and mildew growing in your basement area. In addition, engineered hardwood is much more versatile as it can be installed in various locations throughout your home. If you have a bathroom in your basement you can use the engineered hardwood flooring in this location as well.

Choosing the right wood flooring for your basement space can be a tedious and overwhelming process. Fortunately, you can use these tips the next time you are looking for long-lasting wood flooring at a retailer like Flooring Gallery.