Fall Is Here! Follow These Steps To Ensure Your Home Stays Cozy And Warm Once Cold Weather Hits

When the air starts getting a bit nippy, you know the true cold of winter is just around the corner. To avoid running into issues with a cold or uncomfortable home once winter fully hits, here are a few simple tasks you'll want to conquer now.

Select more insulating window treatments.

Your sheer, decorative window treatments won't do much to keep the cold air out. One of the greatest sources of energy loss in the home is through the windows, so by replacing them with thicker, insulated window treatments you can not only make your home more comfortable, but also decrease your energy bills. There are several types of insulated curtains from which you can choose. Drape-style ones made from fleece or wool work well if you like a traditional look. Honeycomb-style shades are ideal if you like a more sleek, modern style. If you have questions, contact a local company that specializes in window treatments, such as F & R Interiors.

Put fleece sheets on your bed.

If you've never slept in fleece sheets before, you're in for a real treat when you purchase a set. The warm, snuggly material feels soft and comfortable against your skin, and best of all, it won't give you the chills when you climb into bed like standard sheets may on a cold night. With fleece sheets, you may be able to turn your heat a little lower at night without shivering.

Put "snakes" along the bases of your doors.

Unless you have very well sealed doors, you probably notice a draft blowing in from underneath them when you walk past. There is an easy solution to this. Invest in an insulated "door snake," which is a long, stuffed tube of material that you can place at the base of the door. You''ll have to slide the snake out of the way to open the door, but the way it keeps your home warm makes up for this little inconvenience.

Invest in a chimney balloon.

If you have a chimney in your home, it is sure to become a source of cold air. You can block the flow of cold air through the chimney by installing what is called a chimney balloon. Simply insert the balloon into the chimney, follow the instructions to fill it with air, and it will expand to prevent air from coming in. Should you decide to use the fireplace, you can deflate the balloon, remove it, and then replace it again once your fire is over.

Your home does not need to be a frigid ice box in winter. With the simple tips above, you can make it a whole lot cozier.