Winter Wedding Planning: 3 Tips For Choosing Your Floral Arrangements

Winter weddings are known for their purity and beauty, and the perfect bouquets and centerpieces can help set the tone. According to Brides Magazine, floral arrangements should be planned for each member of your wedding party as well as to be used as decorations during the ceremony and reception. While you may be concerned about having fewer options available to fill all your flower needs than you would in the spring, you can rest assured that these tips will help you maximize the impact of your winter blooms.

Use Winter Whites to Emphasize the Theme

If you have selected winter for your wedding date due to the tranquility it represents, then white flowers can help carry your theme throughout the entire ceremony. Consider a white bridal bouquet filled with roses, anemones and peonies to symbolize innocence, and carry the look by selecting a single white rose for each boutonniere. Remember, however, that you are not limited to pure white flowers. Talk to your florist about mixing creamy calla lilies and ivory orchids with the white roses to soften the effect.

Add a Festive Touch with Reds

Red is the signature holiday color, and its association with love and romance makes it perfect for a winter wedding. Keep your wedding separate from other holiday events by skipping the poinsettias. Instead, choose from the local flowers that also maintain a bright red hue throughout the winter months, such as anemones and tulips. Red roses are another popular choice that can be used to create a full bridal bouquet, or add a romantic touch to tabletop displays at your reception. Just as you did with the whites, remember that red comes in many different shades. Flowers in deep orange, plum and pale pink hues can be included to deepen the ambiance.

Incorporate Other Seasonal Elements

While baby's breath has always been a traditional accent for wedding arrangements, winter is full of fun ways to incorporate nature's bounty into your displays. Silver brunia and snowberries can add a sophisticated touch that fits well into your winter theme, and you can add a natural touch with pinecones and evergreen sprigs used to accent your bouquets.

As you plan your wedding, enjoy knowing that winter is full of beautiful blooms that can heighten the romance on your special day. Talk to your local florist, such as Charlotte County Flowers, about native plants that can be incorporated into your bouquet to create a truly personal touch. Then, enjoy the smiles on your guests faces as they take in the joyful scene created by the perfect winter arrangements.