Choosing Blinds For Rooms That Receive A Lot Of Light

Plentiful light can make a space seem bright and airy. Often more light is achieved through the addition of windows. While windows are great at letting in sunlight, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Too much sunlight can lead to the fading of cloth furniture and carpets. It can also lead to increases in indoor temperature. The most common solution to this problem is installing window blinds. Blinds can block some or most of the light and, in turn, make it cooler indoors. There are a few key things to consider before choosing blinds for rooms that receive a lot of sunlight.

Indoor Or Outdoor

Many homeowners are unaware that they have the choice between installing blinds inside or outside. Indoor blinds are the most common choice and there are many advantages to them. Indoor blinds are easier to adjust throughout the day and in any weather. There are also plenty of options available for indoor window blinds. Outdoor window blinds, or exterior blinds, are less common but they do have some advantages over indoor blinds. Exterior blinds block the heat from the sun before it reaches the window; they can keep the indoors at a much cooler temperature than interior blinds.

Opaque Or Translucent

The next thing that homeowners should consider when choosing blinds is whether they want opaque or translucent options. Translucent blinds are often made up of a light and airy fabric or of a translucent material such as reeds. Translucent blinds let in filtered light and are a great choice for homeowners who simply want to dim the light in a space. For homeowners who want more shade and privacy, opaque blinds are the better choice. Venetian blinds made from solid material are a great choice for homeowners looking for opaque options.

Motorized Or Stationary

In some cases it may be difficult for homeowners to adjust their blinds because of their position. Blinds over tall windows and skylights can be nearly impossible to move. This is where motorized blinds come in handy. These blinds can be moved with just a click of the button. The main downside is their cost, which can be in the hundreds of dollars for just one set of blinds. Often homeowners find that they can have the best of both worlds by using stationary blinds for easy-to-reach windows and motorized blinds for areas that are more difficult to reach. 

Choosing blinds for a sunny room can be more difficult than homeowners imagine. There are a lot of options available. Homeowners can choose between indoor and outdoor options, opaque or translucent options, and even motorized or stationary options. You can click here for more info on window blinds.