4 Reasons To Get Tree Services Before Installing A Tire Swing

Hanging a tire swing from a larger tree in your backyard can be a great way to provide your kids with something fun to do outdoors, while also improving the appearance of your yard. If you want to make sure that the tire swing is installed properly, you'll need to take some time to take care of some basic tree maintenance.

Instead of handling it all on your own, consider hiring a professional for the following tree services.

Get the Tree Properly Shaped

In order for the tree to look great with the addition of a tire swing, you need to put in the effort to get the tree properly shaped first. Pruning the tree can help get rid of extra branches that look unattractive so that the tire swing can go up and be as flattering as possible.

Properly shaping a tree can require you to buy new equipment and spend some time outdoors cutting branches. With the effort required for shaping a tree, it is best to simply leave it to a professional for the best results.

Remove Any Weak or Dead Branches

In order for the tire swing to be hung properly, you'll need to get rid of any weak or dead branches. Not only could they look unattractive, it can also be dangerous if you try to hang the swing from them since they may not support the weight. With these branches removed by professionals, you'll be left with only the strongest ones suited for hanging the swing.

Make Sure the Tree is Healthy

Another reason to rely on professionals for tree services is that they can check the tree for any kind of diseases. If there any health problems with your tree or pests are present, this could lead to the tree dying and ruining your chances of hanging the tire swing safely.

Get Directed to the Best Branch

By having a tree service professional visit your home, they can provide you with guidance towards which branch to hang the tire swing from. From choosing the right height to making sure it has the support needed to hang the swing for your child's safety, their recommendation can go a long way towards making the tire swing a good fit.

Tire swings are a whimsical way to add a play area for your children, but they need to be done with care to ensure that they are safe. With the help of the tree service professional, you can be confident that the swing is hung properly and that your trees are in good shape. Contact a business, such as L and M Tree Service, for more information.