How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Garden

If you find hummingbirds to be especially beautiful, and would like to have them in your garden, then you should make sure to choose the correct flowers and plants. You shouldn't think that by choosing very fragrant flowers that you will be able to attract them to your garden. This is because hummingbirds have a no sense of smell. So you are going to want to attract them by planting highly colorful flowers that will be visible to the hummingbirds.

Here is a list of 3 flowers to plant, plus a suggestion about the type of watering device to install.

Flowering Maple (Abutilon)

This is a flowering shrub that can run anywhere from a foot and a half high to ten feet high. The flowers are often a bright orange color, though they can also be yellow or pink. The flower is shaped like a bell. This opening is perfect because it allows the hummingbird easy access to the nectar.

If you want a shrub for the edges of your garden, then the flowering maple is perfect.


These are gorgeous red flowers that have a long, tubular shape. Hummingbirds are particularly fond of the color red, which is why many people choose red colored bird baths to attract them. Lobelias are bright red, and will create a striking color in your garden as well as help to bring the hummingbirds around. The tubular shape is also convenient because it provides easy access to the nectar for the hummingbird's beak.

Kniphofia (Red Hot Pokers)

These are really fun flowers. They grow high up into the air in a long shaft and then have a flowering head resembles a bunch of fiery spikes (or iron pokers that have been left in the coals too long and have turned a glowing orange.) The plants are resistant to both deer and field rabbits. They attract both beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds for the nectar.

These are very striking, so they would be great as a visual centerpiece to your garden. Because they grow so tall you might want to have support sticks next to them in the event of stormy weather. This can help prevent them from breaking.

A Red Colored Hummingbird Water Feeder

You should choose a plastic water feeder that is made with red colored plastic. As mentioned above, hummingbirds are attracted to the color red. When it comes to water, you should make a mixture of water and sugar. The Hummingbird Society suggests a ratio of 1 cup of water to 4 cups of water.

Talk to a landscape design specialist for help with this project.