Urine Does NOT Come Out Of Your Vagina! Anatomy Myths Debunked And Explained Via Urologists

It is still quite a shock to many people to hear that women do not urinate out of their vaginas. Both men and women, when asked this question, have been known to respond that when a woman urinates, it comes out of her vagina. They are surprised to learn that a woman's anatomy consists of a clitoris, followed by a urethra (which is where the urine comes out), then the vagina and then the anus. As stunning as that information may be, here are a few more anatomy myths debunked and explained via urologists' point of view.

Yes, Semen and Urine Come out the Same Hole

As if the news of a urine exiting a third hole was not shocking enough, some of these same people are surprised to learn that a man's urethra is the delivery tube for both semen and urine. There is not a second opening in the penis nor a second duct just for semen. All the plumbing here connects. That is what happens when an embryo, at eight weeks, gets a wash of testosterone and turns from female to male--what would have been the seperate organs of clitoris, urethra and vagina then merge to create the penis, the single duct and the single hole at the end of the penis for both urine and semen.

No, a Man Cannot Pee with an Erection

Anatomically speaking, a man cannot pee with an erection. The process of an erection cuts off the bladder in order to provide a clear path for semen, which would be destroyed by the acidity of a man's urine, ergo, the body prevents this from happening. (That should relieve some of the fears of the ladies out there who just read the above paragraph about semen and urine and were concerned about having a sexual urine douche. Do not worry, ladies--it cannot happen.)

Yes, Men Do Urinate in the Mornings after Waking with an Erection, but...

Some of you may be thinking right about now--"Wait, guys wake up with an erection and then they go pee...". Well, yes, that is pretty common. When you wake with a full bladder and you have been refusing to urinate all night, the penis works in conjunction with the bladder to halt the urine from exiting the body. What does that for you while you sleep? Jump back a paragraph--yup, an erection stops a man from wetting himself while he sleeps. This bodily reaction is even present at birth--newborn boys will have an erection upon waking too. It is nothing weirdly sexual--just physiological. As for urination, ask any guy, and he will tell you that he has to wait for the erection to subside so he can pee. 

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