Tips for Adding Architectural Appeal to a Plain Home

Okay, your home isn't plain so much as a blank slate. Perhaps your house features the clean lines typical of contemporary architecture. And maybe you'd like it to have a little more of the architectural charm characteristic of older homes. It's not necessarily time to start house hunting. Instead, update your home with trim and other improvements to add a touch of architectural appeal.

Updated Portico

Any changes you make to your house's façade carry the feeling throughout the rest of your home. Therefore, consider updating the space visitors first arrive: the portico. The roof of the portico should match the original structure in material, but it can be pitched more steeply for architectural interest. Additionally, choose visually interesting columns to support the roof. They shouldn't overpower the house's façade, but they definitely should catch the eye. Finally, choose a pretty door with paneling or paned glass to complete the effect of your updated entrance.

Grand Staircase

Speaking of entrances, if your staircase is part of the remodel, create a grand entrance. For this, the stairs should widen slightly at the bottom. This gives the feeling of making an entrance. The stairs themselves can be tile or even natural stone, both of which are luxurious materials. For the railing, choose one with carved wood baluster. The magazine also suggests adding molding to the walls behind the staircase for an even more opulent effect.

Trimmed Doorway

Doorways are other entryways that can help add architectural interest to you home. There are so many molding types that you're sure to find one that pleases your eye and complements the room. Start with casing around the door with a plinth block down at the bottom. In fact, you could use a cornice and casing to create an entablature effect, which is a lintel supported by columns. If you want to trim to really stand out, paint it a different color than the surrounding walls. Even if it matches the walls, though, the play of light and shadows over the carving will add visual beauty to your room.


If you're truly ready for the wow factor, consider adding wainscoting. This type of trim consists of paneling topped with molding. Typically, it covers either the bottom third of the wall or two-thirds of the wall—it's not exact. Traditional wainscoting is made of wood paneling, but it's possible to simulate the look with plaster or with wooden strips installed to mimic paneling. The style of wainscoting can be simple and rustic to ornate and elegant.

Get the architecturally beautiful house you always wanted by adding a few details during a remodel. For more assistance, contact services like Property Service Agency LLC.