3 DIY Ideas For Customizing Picture Frames

If you are like many people, you might buy picture frames and use them as-is to frame family photographs, artwork, and more. Even though there are a lot of great picture frames out there that look great as they are, it can also be fun to decorate your own picture frames. You don't even necessarily have to be very crafty in order to make your picture frames look great; just pick up a few inexpensive frames and consider these tips for making them truly your own.

1. Paint Your Own Frame

Have you ever seen a picture frame that was the right size, style, and price but that was also the wrong color? If so, you might have passed it up in search of a frame in another color. However, painting a picture frame is surprisingly easy -- you can even use spray paint. Just make sure that you use painter's tape around the inside of the picture frame so that you are only painting the frame itself. You can also remove the glass before you start painting so that you can protect it. You can use standard colors like black or white for a classic look, bright colors for a bold look or for a child's room, or even chalkboard paint on wider frames so that the frame can be drawn on with chalk. The possibilities are truly endless!

2. Glue on Add-Ons

Another fun thing to do with picture frames is to glue on your own add-ons. In general, you'll want to look for lightweight items with flat backs so that they can be easily attached. Then, using a hot glue gun, you can attach wooden letters, "googly eyes" from the craft store, and more. This is a great way to create seasonally decorative picture frames or to just add your own touch. If you explore your local dollar store or craft store, you might be surprised by what you can find to attach to your picture frames for a totally custom look.

3. Use a Stencil

Another fun idea is to use a stencil to add an inspirational phrase, your family's last name, or anything else that you might want to add to your picture frames for a special touch. This generally works best on wide frames that offer enough room for the stencil and that are flat. You can purchase a stencil from your local craft store and can use a thin paintbrush and your favorite colors of paint to add a special message to your frames.

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can customize your own picture frames. Give these ideas a try, and you can make your picture frames look great all on your own.