Outdoor Blind Guide

Outdoor blinds are a classy way to make your outdoor living spaces more comfortable. You can hang them from a covered patio, in a gazebo, or from another open outdoor structure to provide shade and protection from mild weather. The following guide can help you choose the right type of blinds. Figure out your primary needs For most people, the main use of outdoor blinds is to provide shade from direct sunlight.

Breaking The Cycle Of Boxelder Bugs In Your Home

Every year in fall, boxelder bugs all around the country sense a chill in the air and begin heading indoors to ride out the winter. Although these bugs are neither toxic nor aggressive, their pungent aroma when stressed and sheer force of numbers can be overwhelming for any homeowner, and they may return year after year if not dealt with promptly. If you are tired of your annual influx of bugs and the stress they cause, these three steps can help you break the cycle of boxelders once and for all.

The Benefits of Living In A Park Model For Retirees

When you reach retirement age, you may wonder about how you could get the most out of it and how you could do so while saving as much money as possible. You may have considered several options, one being selling your large, traditional home and living in one that is smaller. A smaller home would be easier to take care of in addition to being less costly. If you are ready for living an easier lifestyle now that you have reached your retirement years, check out these benefits of living in a stylish park model home.

Easy Fix For Holes In Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great choice for several reasons. Unfortunately, the vinyl fencing isn't completely indestructible. Although the fencing can withstand quite a bit of abuse, it can become damaged during the winter when the temperatures cause the vinyl to become more fragile that it is during the summer. If you have a hole or two in your vinyl fencing, you can fix it fairly easily – here's how. Supplies Needed for the Repair

What To Know About Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker is not actually the name of any specific material. Instead, it is the name for the weaving process used to make various different objects from baskets to furniture. Thus, wicker furniture should have a woven look to it. In fact, the furniture is made with a wooden frame, which a pliable material is then woven around. When you buy wicker furniture, you need to know that there's a difference between wicker furniture made for indoor use versus outdoor use.