How To Care For Landscape Trees During Drought Conditions

Growing landscape trees is a challenge during drought conditions. The increased lack of rain and water use restrictions, creates dry soil, and places added stress on trees. But, you can extend the life span of your trees by recognizing the signs of drought stress, and properly caring for them during drought conditions. The Signs of "Drought Stress" Symptoms of drought injury can occur suddenly, such as wilting and falling leaves, or take years to appear, such as stunted growth.

Easier Ways To Pack For Moving

The thought of moving to a new home may be fun, exciting, stressful or a combination of these, but it is rarely ever easy. Safely packing up everything you own before the movers show up can seem overwhelming, and finding what you need once they unload your boxes can be a nightmare. Eliminate some of your anxiety by planning how, what and where to pack your belongings room by room. When you know some simple yet highly effective tips, you can not only save time and effort, but also make it easier to unpack in your new home.

Three Progressive Steps for Removing Stains from Your Carpet

A stubborn carpet stain can ruin a room's otherwise beautiful aesthetic. To make matters worse, some stains are almost impossible to remove using conventional cleaning methods. If you decide to use heavy-duty cleaners on the stain, you can damage the carpet permanently. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to remove an otherwise stubborn stain. By moving through these three progressive techniques, you can keep your carpet looking clean and beautiful.

How To Fix Damage To Oak Furniture

Any furniture made out of oak is going to be tough and will last for generations if properly maintained. One part of maintaining oak furniture is repairing any damage that will inevitably take place over time. There are several different types of damage that can happen to your oak furniture, but if you know how to repair this damage your furniture can look amazing for years to come. Safety First

Vintage Homes And Vintage Plumbing: What You Need To Know

That darling little house you just bought has the vintage feel you craved. It has original glass work in the front door, original wood floors throughout and maybe even some of the original hardware, like doorknobs and drawer pulls. But all those classic, original-to-the-home features that you love so much probably also mean that something else is original to the home: the plumbing. It's nice, but short-sighted, to assume that because you aren't noticing any leaks in your "